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The NSU Undergraduate Honors Program provides a value-added experience for highly motivated and high-achieving undergraduate students.

Honors students can take advantage of a unique leadership opportunity by becoming Honors Advocates. An Honors Advocate is a liaison for the Honors student population. Honors advocates are directly involved in the planning and coordination of Honors Program activities and initiatives, serve as a programming board, along with Honors Program faculty and serve under direction of the college's Office of the Dean.

Why Become an Honors Advocate?

Honors advocates:

"Honors Advocates are the voice of the other Honors students, which is why it's such an honor to be chosen."
Genevieve Macaisa, B.A.
Honors Alumna, Class of 2011

How to Become an Honors Advocate

Honors Advocates are selected based on their commitment to support and advance the Undergraduate Honors Program at Nova Southeastern University. Applications for these volunteer positions are distributed via email each winter semester.

Eligible applicants should:

Applications are reviewed by Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., dean of the Farquhar Honors College, and Vanessa Mezquia, manager of academic programs at the college. An interview may be scheduled, depending on the number of eligible candidates.

Each academic year, current Honors students and freshman Honors students are accepted as Honors Advocates.

Advocate Responsibilities

Meet the 2016–2017 Honors Advocates

Christy Abraham, biology major

Mahnoor Asif, biology major

Meghana Gudavalli, biology major

Rachel Ghoubrial, biology major

Uzma Jamil, political science major

Mariah Low, biology major

Chris Manikkuttiyil, biology major

Lekha Mutyala, biology major

Keerthi Thallapureddy, biology major

Anastasia Zwenger, biology major