Teacher assisting honors students at the Farquhar Honors College

Honors Student Advisory Board

The Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB) serves as the student voice for NSU's Farquhar Honors College — with a mission to enhance scholarly, social, professional, and academic aspects of the Honors community. The HSAB was started in 2015 and provides a forum for students to offer feedback and input to the Dean of the Honors College.

Honors Student Advisory Board Membership

All Honors students may participate in meetings of the HSAB.  A smaller group of students are selected through interviews to serve as the HSAB Executive Board.  Honors students are invited to apply to serve on the HSAB Executive Board.  Current students apply and participate in interviews during the winter semester.  New honors students apply and participate in interviews during the fall semester.  Up to ten current students and up to four new students will participate as Executive Board members of the HSAB.  Members serve through the end of the winter semester.

Eligible HSAB executive board members must be in good standing in the Honors College.  HSAB Executive Board membership reflects the breadth of student majors in order to secure an array of perspectives, needs, and experiences. 

The Honors Student Advisory Board will hold two meetings each month (during the academic year).  One meeting will be students only and one meeting will include the Dean of the Honors College.  HSAB meetings are facilitated by the Executive Board and through its student officers.

Board Member Elections

HSAB Executive Board members will conduct an internal election for officers at the start of each fall semester.  Continuing Honors students are eligible to serve in the following positions: President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Current HSAB Executive Board Members

Sujay Kamisetty | President
Keerthi Thallapureddy | Vice President
Hannah Dean | Secretary
Abigail George
Alexis Good
Chelsea Mathews
Mano Murugappan
Samir Nacer
Erin O'Keefe
Neal Patel
Shreja Patel
Pallavi Samudrala
Nadia Siddiqui
Stephanie Tat