Teacher assisting honors students at the Farquhar Honors College

2015 Undergraduate Student Symposium Winners

NSU Students Recognized for Award-Winning Scholarship, Creative Works

USS winners 2015The Undergraduate Student Symposium held on April 10, 2015 showcased outstanding scholarship and creative works by NSU students. The event included poster displays, oral presentations, performances, and film presentations. Also recognized were student participants in the Undergraduate Film Festival, Seventh Annual Juried Student Exhibition, the 13th issue of Digressions student literary magazine, and other programs.

Congratulations to the following undergraduate students who earned awards for their work:

Undergraduate Student Symposium

First Place—Poster Presentations
Marisa Oleski | “Viral Videos: Random Phenomena or Reproducible Templates?”

Second Place—Poster Presentations
Omar Garcia, Omar Viqar | “Study on the Effects of Tulsi on LNCaP Cells and the Mechanism Used to Induce Apoptosis”

Third Place—Poster Presentations

Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations

First Place—Oral Presentations

Second Place—Oral Presentations

Undergraduate Film Festival

First Place | Alessandra Sironi | An Unusual Meeting
Second Place | Paola Zaidi | Walking with Liz

Seventh Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Best in Show | Annie Nguyen | “Patience”
Second Place | Alexandra Israel | “Unraveling”
Third Place | Amy Adams | “Sailboat”
Dean’s Choice Award | Ursalina Aguilar | “Ice Cream City”
Faculty Choice Award | Stephanie Johnston | “Army Men vs. Still Life”
Faculty Choice Award | Annie Nguyen | “Sweat Shop”
Division of Performing and Visual Arts Purchase Award | Jennifer Hicks | “Tidal Wave”
Honorable Mention | Karen Genovese | “Daydreamer”
Honorable Mention | Annie Nguyen | “Sweat Shop”
Honorable Mention | Roger Atangana | “Guitar”
Honorable Mention | Amanda Choi | “Random Acts of Kindness”
Honorable Mention | Jennifer Hicks | “Travel Poster Series”


­Poetry | Alessandra Santana | “The Moon and I”
Short Fiction | Linea Cutter | “Harvest Festival”
Artwork | Claudia Murcia | “My Thinking Place”

Winner of American Association of University Women (AAUW) Award

Jordyn Hughes | “Women of the 1950s: American Housewives and the Outrageous Expectations Set by Society”

2015 Math Brain Bowl

Winning Team: Gaussian Eliminators | Maheen Dhanani, Zara Khan, Priscila Reyes, Teodora Suciu

Logo-Design Contest for the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Student Symposium

Winner: Eileen Ahearn