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The Dual Admission Program: Helping Students Secure Their Future Today

Honors Alumni Spotlight

The Dual Admission Program: Helping Students Secure Their Future Today

When Daniel Brookins (class of 2014) was considering colleges, he saw a “golden opportunity” to get a jump start on his future by applying to NSU’s Dual Admission Program.

The Dual Admission Program offers qualified undergraduate students and incoming college freshmen a reserved seat in one of 28 post-graduate programs at 14 of NSU’s colleges and institutes.

By securing a graduate spot early, students who fulfill the requirements can expand their undergraduate experiences, interests, and passions while moving closer to their long-term goals and career choices.

“I quickly discovered my passion for law,” said Brookins, now a junior at NSU pursuing a double major in legal studies and philosophy. Brookins is a member of NSU's Dual Admission Program in law as well as NSU's Undergraduate Honors Program.

“Knowing that you have a reserved seat when you graduate is an incredible opportunity for an incoming freshman,” Brookins said. “The program provides a sense of security and motivates you to pursue your end goal.”

About 320 undergraduate students are currently enrolled in the Dual Admission Program, which accepts about 10 percent of each incoming freshman class. In addition, about 135 students are enrolled in the program’s graduate or professional schools, and more than 300 alumni of the Dual Admission Program are now professionals in their fields.

“Our program is one of the oldest and most comprehensive dual admission programs in the U.S.,” said Naomi D’Alessio, Ph.D., former associate dean of the now-defunct NSU Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences. “It gives highly focused and ambitious students the opportunity to fully engage in their undergraduate education by providing maximum academic flexibility. This encourages students to achieve a broad-based, liberal arts education while building a strong foundation in their chosen fields.”

Robert Coppola (class of 2013) knew early on what he wanted to do and realized how the Dual Admission Program could help him achieve those goals.

“I have wanted to become a doctor my entire life,” said Coppola, a senior biology major and a member of NSU's Undergraduate Honors Program. Through the Dual Admission Program, he has secured his admission into NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. His goal is to become an ophthalmologist.

“Beneath the obvious benefits, the Dual Admission Program allows you to create a strong network with your peers and teachers,” Coppola said. “NSU is an environment that promotes the studying of the health sciences.”

With increasing competition for admission to NSU’s graduate programs, the Dual Admission Program reduces stress on undergraduate students and allows them to focus on their studies.

“One of the strongest benefits of the Dual Admission program is that it dramatically decreases the stress level,” said Arti Patel, a freshman biology major in the program for osteopathic medicine. “Instead of worrying about being accepted into medical school, I will have a seat in the medical college at NSU. I can focus my efforts on achieving the most I can academically. ”

Rajeswari Murugan (class of 2013), a senior biology major, said the program played a pivotal role in her decision to attend NSU.

“Having a reserved seat [in NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine] made my undergraduate years less stressful,” said Murugan, a member of the Undergraduate Honors Program who also had the opportunity to network with medical students and faculty at NSU’s Health Professions Division.

“This helped me plan and focus my undergraduate years,” said Murugan, whose long-term goal is to work as a cardiac surgeon with Doctors Without Borders, an international organization that serves indigent patients. 

Michael C. Ianniello and Neil Gajera, recent graduates of the college, said the Dual Admission Program prepared them for their studies at NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“The Dual Admission Program provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime by giving me the chance to get an early start toward my goal of becoming a physician,” Ianniello said. “Having this sense of security allowed me to truly focus on my undergraduate studies and my preparation for medical school. It allowed me to enjoy my undergraduate experience without having to worry about competing with other students for a seat in medical school.”

“The program integrates different facets to produce students capable of learning at the graduate level,” said Gajera, who is in his first year at the College of Osteopathic Medicine. “The Dual Admission Program allows students to have a structured path to a graduate program and provides a secure path for students to pursue their professions ... and better the world.”

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