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18th Annual Undergraduate Student Symposium

Undergraduate Students Showcase Research and Creative Works Across the Disciplines

USS 2019The Farquhar Honors College hosted the 18th annual Undergraduate Student Symposium on April 5, 2019, showcasing research and creative works from students in various disciplines at Nova Southeastern University. The event was held in the Alvin Sherman Library, where students showcased poster and oral presentations. Also recognized were student participants in the Undergraduate Film Festival, the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, and the latest issue of Digressions student literary magazine. The symposium is a progressive event widely attended by all members of the NSU community.

Congratulations to the following undergraduate students who earned awards for their work:

First Place—Poster Presentations

Elizabeth Barley | “A Study of Pediatric Oral Health in Ahwa, Gujarat, India”

Second Place—Poster Presentations

Sarin Itty | “Angiotensin II Fragment Receptor Binding in the Mouse Brain”

Third Place—Poster Presentations

Angela Ogero, Jahleeyah Muhammad, and Ammy Castillo | “Behavior Checklist for Preschool Children with Reading Dogs”

Honorable Mention—Poster Presentations

  • Francesca Chavez | “Fashion Law: A Comparative Study of U.S. and European Models”
  • Tiana Henry | “Effects of Role Models and Financing Barriers on Women Entrepreneurship”
  • Elaine Ognjanovski | “Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Human Breast Cancer Spheroids”
  • Roodelyne Pierrelus | “Cell-cell communication in bacteria mediated by weak photon emission”
  • Alexandra Apetri and Micaela Sullivan | “Can You Taste Fat? A Study on the Impact of Fat Perception on Dietary Behaviors and Adiposity”

First Place—Oral Presentations

  • Deborah Fortino | “Relationship between Stance Phase Frontal Plane Kinematics and Initial Impact Forces in Collegiate Cross Country Runners”
  • Steven Sigler | “The Political Reintegration of Prominent Confederate Generals in the US During Reconstruction (1865-1877)”
  • Rachel Ghoubrial and Ratnavi Shah | “Using Caenorhabditis elegans and an engineered bacterium to dissect host pathogen avoidance strategies”

Second Place—Oral Presentations

  • Esha Parikh | “Human gut microbiome composition is associated with perceived stress and cortisol”
  • Anna Susol | “The Myth of the Mother: Gender Stereotypes in Custody Decisions”
  • Sujad Younis | “Examining the Antibacterial Properties of Placental Tissue Components”

Undergraduate Film Festival

  • First Place | Mara Barakat | “Am I #MeToo too?”
  • Second Place | Jieun Son and Amelia Figueroa | “Hollow”

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

  • Best in Show | Logan Stewart | “Regulate/Deregulate”
  • Second Place | Colleen McMaken | “Fact/Fiction”
  • Third Place | Jayanna Lawson | “Piece of Me”
  • Dean's Choice Award | Avery Hutt | “Magazines”
  • Purchase Award | Karina Talavera | “Strong Brew”

Digressions Literary and Arts Magazine

  • Poetry | Wamika Mansor Shoukat | “Honour”
  • Fiction | Richard Finch | “A Grocery Shopper's Guide to Bird Watching in South Florida”
  • Artwork | Logan Stewart | “Crude and Cute”
  • Cover Art Winner | Logan Stewart 

American Association of University Women Award

  • Maha Barakat | “Am I #MeToo too?”

Logo-Design Contest for the 2019 Undergraduate Student Symposium

  • Winner | Siumara Antonio
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