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Undergraduate Student Symposium

Sample Timeline

Here are some guidelines for completing the tasks involved in making a presentation for the Undergraduate Student Symposium. Work closely with your faculty mentor to determine when to complete each step and for feedback throughout the process, whether you are planning a project that will be:

  • an oral presentation of your completed original research paper
  • a poster of a Literature Review (based on a class project)
  • a poster of completed original research
  • a poster of proposed research or research in progress


Follow the Sample Abstract guidelines. Developing a project and writing an abstract takes some time. Expect to go through several revisions throughout the process.

Presentation Text

By the time you submit an abstract, you should have made progress on the text of your project presentation. Work with your faculty sponsor through several revisions to improve your text. Give yourself plenty of time, as revising can be a lengthy process.

If you are preparing a poster, first write the poster text as a Word document (view sample poster text). Your proposed poster text should be no more than 5 pages double spaced Times New Roman 12 point font, including literature cited. This text should have the same headings you expect to put on your poster. Once the poster text is finished then you can copy and paste the text into a poster file.

If you are preparing an oral paper presentation, you should have completed your research and have made progress on the text of your paper.

Working with Your Faculty Sponsor

Coordinate your exact timeline with your faculty sponsor. It is a good idea to keep updating your faculty sponsor with your progress and any questions that you have.

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