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Scholars Program

The Farquhar Honors College Scholars Program is designed for high performing students and students with significant institutional merit-based scholarships to benefit from university resources. Scholars Program students identify and build a community with peers who share their commitment to academic excellence. Members are connected with scholarship and fellowship opportunities, career services, and graduate school students and faculty. The program is ideal for high-ability students who have had success in their undergraduate study and who have an idea of their professional direction.

Benefits of the Scholars Program include:

  • Informal association with students, faculty, and alumni
  • Workshops and networking events
  • Celebration and recognition of student success
  • Strategies and tips to maintain academic standing and scholarships
  • Connection with faculty

Honors Scholars receive:

Periodic invitations to events, workshops, information sessions, and other resources

Valuable and timely information about

  • distinguished fellowships
  • connection to alumni/mentoring
  • access to graduate school leadership, faculty, and students
  • academic honors societies
  • resources for supplemental scholarships outside of the university
  • career services

More Information

Don Rosenblum, Ph.D.
Dean of the Farquhar Honors College
(954) 262-8402

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