Farquhar Honors College

Nova Southeastern University's Farquhar Honors College offers an enhanced educational experience for ambitious undergraduate students to explore their curiosities and create change in the world. The college accepts the top 10% of applicants and is open to students from all majors. Honors students benefit from:

  • Research and travel opportunities

  • Leadership roles

  • Faculty mentorship

  • Hands-on courses

  • Close-knit community

Established in 2003 as an honors program with 76 students, the Honors College has since evolved into a prestigious college at NSU with over 500 students. We officially became the "Farquhar Honors College" in 2015, thanks to NSU President George Hanbury. To reflect our growing reach and eminence, we're constantly expanding the opportunities available to the honors community.

Our Mission

The Farquhar Honors College is the home of multidisciplinary inquiry and academic excellence at NSU. We provide high-achieving students opportunities within and beyond the classroom to explore diverse topics, foster community, and develop leadership skills that prepare them for careers in any field.

Our Vision

To create a community of changemakers, lifelong learners, and leaders who use innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to address problems in the local and global community.

Pillars of Excellence

The Farquhar Honors College helps students reach the following benchmarks of academic excellence and global citizenship. All aspects of the college are designed to contribute to these pillars.

  • Inquiry—Demonstrate advanced skills in scholarship and research necessary to succeed in graduate or professional school and/or the workforce

  • Innovation and Creativity—Recognize and apply multidisciplinary approaches to analyzing and solving problems

  • Global Awareness—Engage and discuss international issues and cultures around the world

  • Arts and Culture—Analyze and appreciate cultural artifacts and contemporary creative expressions

  • Ethics and Engagement—Demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles through engagement in the community

" "Meet Our Namesake

James Farquhar is often referred to as “Mr. Nova,” as the university may not have survived without him. He was one of the founding members of NSU and a member of the Board of Trustees. His legacy at NSU and in the broader community is a testament to his passion for education, community, and the humanities. 

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