Farquhar Honors College

Being an honors student is an achievement in itself, but additional recognition is given to students who are dedicated to getting the most out of the honors experience. Explore the ways you can be honored in the Honors College.

The Living the Values award program recognizes honors students, faculty, alumni, and staff who embody NSU’s eight core values. One award is given for each of the following core values:

  • Student-Centered

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Academic Excellence

  • Diversity

  • Opportunity

  • Scholarship/Research

  • Community

Click here to read Advancing University Core Values by Developing an Honors College (PDF), an essay by NSU President George L. Hanbury II.

Award Nominations

Honors College students, faculty, alumni, and staff may nominate each other—and make self-nominations, for each and any of the eight core values. There is no limit to the number of times a person may be nominated or the number of nominations a person may submit. Information on how and when to submit nominations is announced in the Honors College Newsletters.

Award Recipients

If selected for one of these awards, you'll be honored at the Honors College Spring Celebration and receive a special certificate, pin, and hoodie. 

Each year, the Honors College recognizes students who are active in the college throughout the academic year. The honors staff selects several students who consistently attend and participate in honors workshops, events, and activities. If selected for the award, you'll receive a special trophy to commemorate your commitment to the college.

The Honors College provides merit-based scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence and integrity. For more information about these scholarships, visit our scholarships page

The Honors College hosts competitions and campaigns to engage and recognize students' passion, creativity, and hard work. If you participate in these opportunities, you may receive rewards and recognition. Competitions and campaigns include but are not limited to:

  • Photography/art contests

  • Digital research competitions

  • Social media campaigns