Farquhar Honors College

Honors courses are more interactive, discussion-based, and hands-on than other courses but not more difficult or more work. They are typically smaller and designed to enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Courses might include field trips, travel study, visits from guest speakers, and more.

Honors courses are open to honors students only, excluding those only in the Honors in Major program. They count toward the honors citations and minor and may satisfy degree requirements for your major, general education, and open electives. You aren't taking more courses, but taking honors courses that fulfill multiple requirements.

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"My favorite part of the Honors College was the courses, which were often unique subjects designed by whoever was teaching them. I got to see a different side of the instructor because there was a personal touch to what was going on in the classroom."

Ryan Frabizio | B.A. in English, B.A. in History

Honors seminars are unique courses offered exclusively to honors students. These courses are developed by honors faculty and incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives to engage you beyond your major. Seminars with a HAAH, HSBS, or HSCI prefix satisfy general education requirements.

New courses are added periodically and noted with (New).

HAAH 2000H The U.S. at War

HAAH 2010H Race in Art

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HONR 1000C Myth and Fairy Tale in Modern Culture

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HONR 1000D Future History

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HONR 1000G The Problem of Consciousness

HONR 1000J Culture Wars

HONR 1000N Genetics and Genealogy

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HONR 1000S The Nature of Truth

HONR 1000U You: A Critical Analysis

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HONR 1000W We Are All Biased: Social Stratification

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HONR 1010A Read It, Watch It, Play It: Transmedia Storyworlds

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HONR 1010B The Healthy Woman, Mothers to Cyborgs

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HONR 1010C Alt-Facts & Fake News: Media Literacy in the Digital Age

HONR 1010D Water & Sustainability

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HONR 1010E The US Supreme Court and the Cultural Revolution: Studying the Legacy of the Warren Court

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HONR 1010G Intro to Protein Modeling

HONR 1500 Honors Reading Seminar

HONR 2000C History of Economic Development

HONR 2000E Utopias and Dystopias

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HONR 2000H Famous American Trials

HONR 2000K Inappropriate Relationships

HONR 2000N The "F" Word: Feminism and Culture

HONR 2000R The Misbehaving Brain

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HONR 2000U The Idea of the Hospital

HONR 2000V The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Philosophy and the Western Film

HONR 2000W The Pathography: Patients' Stories of Illness

HONR 2000X Conspiracy Theories

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HONR 2010A Sleep and Dreams

HONR 2010B Deciphering Diversity in the Law

HONR 2010G Medical London: Culture and Context

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HONR 2010J Witch-Hunts!

HONR 2010K Assassin's Creed

HONR 2010N Alcohol, Drugs, and Society

HONR 2010P Law and Literature

HONR 2010R Design Thinking

HONR 2010S Introduction to Biomedical Research

HONR 2010T The Nuclear Dilemma

HONR 2010U Reel Science

HONR 2010V Latino Voices

HONR 2010W War Stories: Gender and Soldiering in Contemporary America

HONR 2020A  Autism Today: The Individual and Family

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HONR 2020B Autism Today: Field Experience

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HONR 2020C You Be the Judge

HONR 2020D Invasive Species Ecology and Management

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HONR 2020E Grant Writing for Human Subjects Research and Human Services Programming

HONR 2020F Public Health and Health Disparities

HONR 2020G Play to Win: Research Methods for Video Game Studies

HONR 2020J The Protest Song in America (New)

HONR 2020K Ancient Egyptian Religion and Magic (New)

HONR 2020L Nutrition Facts and Fiction (New)

HONR 2900 Special Topics in Honors (New)

HONR 4150 Honors Travel Study

HONR 4990 Independent Study: Honors Thesis Research

HSBS 2000H Philosophy and Politics in Film

HSBS 2010H Ideologies of the Twentieth Century

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HSBS 2020H Interpersonal Perception 

HSCI 1000H Science in the News

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HSCI 1010H The Physiology of Stress

HSCI 2010H Epidemics: Germs and Their Power over Humanity

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HSCI 2020H Backyard Ecology

H-courses are honors versions of core courses (e.g., CHEM 1300H or COMP 1500H). They cover the same material as non-honors sections but incorporate unique instructional methods, have smaller class sizes, and are open to honors students only. 

New courses are added periodically and noted with (New).

BPH 3010H Epidemiology: Distribution & Determinants of Health Honors

BPH 3990H Inside Out: Exploring Population Mental Health & Well-Being Honors

CHEM 1300H General Chemistry I/Lab Honors

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CHEM 1310H General Chemistry II/Lab Honors

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CHEM 2400H Organic Chemistry I/Lab Honors

CHEM 2410H Organic Chemistry II/Lab Honors

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COMP 1500H College Writing Honors

COMP 2000H Advanced College Writing Honors

ECN 2020H Principles of Microeconomics Honors

ECN 2025H Principles of Macroeconomics Honors

FIN 2000H Personal Finance Honors

INST 1500H Global Issues Honors

LITR 2020H American Literature I Honors

LITR 2021H American Literature II Honors

LITR 2030H World Literature I Honors

LITR 2031H World Literature II Honors

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MATH 2020H Applied Statistics Honors

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MATH 2100H Calculus I Honors

MATH 2200H Calculus II Honors

MGT 2050H Principles of Management Honors

MGT 4880H Business Strategy and Policy Honors

PHIL 3180H Biomedical Ethics Honors

PHYS 2350H General Physics I/Lab Honors

PHYS 2360H General Physics II/Lab Honors

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PSYC 1020H Introduction to Psychology Honors

PSYC 2110H Human Sexuality Honors

PSYC 2160H Social Psychology Honors

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PSYC 2350H Lifespan Human Development Honors

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SPCH 1010H Public Speaking Honors