Farquhar Honors College

Frequently Asked Questions

Your essay should be creative and showcase who you are. Here are some tips for approaching the essay:

  • Utilize as much of the word allowance as needed to convey what makes you distinctive. Be personal.

  • Provide depth and creativity in your essay. Use your essay as a vehicle to introduce yourself to faculty.

  • Remember to proofread your essay for typographical and grammatical errors.

No, the Honors College is designed to be flexible and fun so that you may achieve your academic and professional goals. Honors courses aren't designed to be harder or more work. They incorporate interactive learning methods that engage you with course material in unique ways.

Honors courses may also satisfy degree requirements for your major, general education requirements, and general electives. You aren't taking more courses, but taking honors courses that fulfill multiple requirements.

Yes, if you aren't accepted the first time, you may reapply for the following year. Additionally, if you're removed from the Honors College, you may apply to rejoin the following year.

Yes, being an honors student doesn't prevent you from being a part of other NSU programs. The Honors College is flexible and allows you to fit other activities and programs into your schedule.

Membership in the Honors College is different from membership in national honor societies. Membership in national honor societies is open to eligible honors and non-honors students through invitation. Honor societies can be a valuable resource for building a professional network. 

See here for more information about the active honor societies at NSU.