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The Honors College at Nova Southeastern University was established in 2003 as an Honors Program with 76 students. Today, the program has evolved into an Honors College with 350 students from across the nation and the world.

In 2015, the Honors Program became the Honors College on the recommendation of NSU President George Hanbury to the Board of Trustees. The new Honors College expands the breadth and reach of Honors initiatives to include additional opportunities and support for high-achieving students, Honors alumni, as well as members of the greater community

Current Enrollment Profile

  • Fall 2015: 350 Students
  • Fall Entering Student Profile:
    • 122 New Students
    • SAT: 1320 average
    • Average Weighted GPA: 4.5

First Facts


  • Faculty start to discuss the advantages of a structured honors program.


  • Institution endorses development of an undergraduate honors program to serve students in all majors.


  • First honors courses are offered:
    • HONR 1000 A: An Introduction to the Medical Humanities (Professor Edwin Stieve)
    • HONR 1000 B: Discovery and Discipline (Professor Don Rosenblum)
    • GLBS 1500 H: Global Studies (Professor Barbara Brodman)
    • HIST 1030 H: American History to 1865 (Professor Gary Gershman)
    • WRIT (COMP) 1500 H: College Writing I (Professor Marlisa Santos)
  • First First Week in Honors' scholarship awards:
    • David Altman
    • Jacquelyn Blanco
    • Saima Rafiq
    • Sophia Ramirez
    • Vien Tran
    • Mary Chrisochos
    • Dionne Mbanya
    • Micaela Mercado
    • John Paul
    • Roxana Ruyani
  • Inaugural Honors Faculty Coordinating Committee:
    • Kate Waites
    • Suzanne Ferriss
    • Barbara Brodman
    • Charles Zelden
    • Michael Reiter
    • Naomi D’Alessio
    • Ben Mulvey
    • Allan Schulman
    • Ken Dose
    • Jim Doan
    • Matthew He
    • Robin Sherman
    • Maria Dillard
    • Don Rosenblum


  • First Distinguished Speaker Seminar:
    • William Safire, Pulitzer-Prize Winning New York Times Columnist
  • First Distinguished Honors Student Scholarships' recipients - (Winter 2004):
    • Christie Bailey
    • Jacqueline Blanco
    • Ted Chamberlain
    • Mary Chrisochos
    • Amanda Meier
    • Micaela Mercado
    • Angeli Niravel
    • Vien Tran
    • Vanessa Vasconcelos
  • First Honors Program Team Taught Course:
    • Genes and Schemes: Genetics, Behavior, and Morality
  • First Honors Murder Mystery: (Fall 2004)
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