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Welcome to the Honors in Major Program

The Honors in Major program is a unique opportunity for high performing NSU undergraduate students in their senior year. If selected to join this program, you can expand the breadth and depth of knowledge in your academic discipline by completing an Honors-quality project of interest with faculty guidance.


As a student in the Honors in Major program, you will:

  • work closely with faculty, establishing a mentoring relationship
  • gain a deeper understanding of a subject matter you're passionate about
  • participate in a research or applied experience that reflects your personal and professional goals

When you complete the Honors in Major requirements, you'll receive the following acknowledgments of this accomplishment:

  • notation on your NSU diploma and transcript
  • acknowledgement at your NSU commencement
  • invitation to an Honors College reception
  • some colleges may provide additional recognition

Honors in Major Program Coordination

NSU's Honors in Major is a university-wide program administered by the Farquhar Honors College. The Honors College tracks your participation and provides support.

Your project requirements, however, are managed by faculty members in the academic department that houses your major. Academic leadership in your college reviews and affirms your project plans. Please read the college-specific Honors in Major requirements.

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