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Honors Advocate leading the honors murder mystery dinner.

Honors Advocates

A Fun and Interactive Leadership Opportunity

Sharpen your leadership skills and work on a team to bring honors events to life. Support the college's event-planning and beyond-the-classroom opportunities as an Honors Advocate. 

What do Honors Advocates do? 

As an Honors Advocate, you'll:

  • Work with honors leadership to plan, promote, and support honors events, activities, and initiatives each semester
  • Devote a minimum of three hours per week to honors event-planning and programming commitments
  • Attend mandatory weekly meetings
  • Gauge student interest in events
  • Represent the college at recruitment and orientation events

How to Become an Honors Advocate

You must apply and interview to become an Honors Advocate. Applications for these volunteer positions are emailed to current honors students each winter semester. Freshman honors students are invited to apply the summer before the fall semester. If selected, you'll serve for the academic year. You may reapply to retain the position each year.

Applications are reviewed by the dean and academic program manager of the Farquhar Honors College.

To qualify for the Honors Advocate position, you must:

  • Be a member of the Farquhar Honors College
  • Be in good academic standing within the university and the Honors College
  • Have at least two remaining semesters (one academic year) at NSU
  • Submit a well-organized statement of interest and resume
  • Commit to actively participate as a volunteer Honors Advocate for one full academic year

Meet the 2023-2024 Honors Advocates

  • Elizabeth Avila
  • Sofia Celis
  • Walter Chang
  • Kishan Goli
  • Aditi Gorthy
  • Hanna Madukuthukalayil
  • Melanie Mendonca
  • Yuktha Milukuri
  • Aishwarya Muppoor
  • Nikhila Paleati
  • Rhia Patel
  • Isabelle Petty
  • Hannah Prudhomme
  • Colin Pulickathadam
  • Sophie Welch

Learn More

For more information about the Honors Advocates, contact
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