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Honors Student Advisory Board

The Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB) provides student perspective on key aspects of the Honors community.  Advisory Board members have, as their mission, to enhance scholarly, social, professional, and academic aspects of the Honors community. The HSAB provides a forum for students to offer feedback and input to the Dean of the Honors College.

Honors Student Advisory Board Membership

All Honors students are eligible to apply to serve as members of the HSAB.  Up to six current honors students are selected (based on application and interview) during the spring for the subsequent year.  Up to four new honors students are selected (based on application and interview) at the start of the fall semester.  All members serve through the end of the winter semester.

Members of the HSAB must be in good standing in the Honors College.  HSAB membership reflects the breadth of student majors to enhance the diversity of perspectives, needs, and experiences. 

The Honors Student Advisory Board will hold two meetings each month (during the academic year).

Current HSAB Executive Board Members

Feza Abbas

Michelle Bauer

Javier Blythe

Daria Ghegan

Rachel Ghoubrial

Kerollos Ibrahim

Marlee Mallat

Kian Memari 

Mikayla Ruiz

Katie Wright

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