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Honors students share ideas to improve the Honors College at NSU.

Honors Student Advisory Board

Lead the Honors Student Experience

The Honors College Dean wants to hear from you. Represent your fellow honors students in discussions with the dean as a member of the Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB).

What do HSAB Members do?

As an HSAB member, you'll:

  • Meet with the dean of the Honors College to discuss the college's goals, issues, and initiatives
  • Contribute ideas, feedback, and the student perspective to enhance the social, professional, and academic aspects of the honors experience
  • Attend two meetings each month during the academic year

How to Become a Member

You must apply and interview to become an HSAB member. The dean selects current honors students during the winter semester for the following academic year and new honors students during the fall semester. All HSAB members serve through the end of the winter semester. Members should expect to attend meetings with the dean every two weeks on Mondays. To retain HSAB membership, you must reapply each academic year. 

The HSAB includes students from across NSU's academic majors to reflect the diverse perspectives, needs, and experiences of honors students.

To qualify for HSAB membership, you must: 

  • Be a member of the Honors College
  • Be in good standing in the Honors College
  • Have at least two remaining semesters (one academic year) at NSU
  • Submit a self-nomination explaining your qualifications and interest

“Serving on the HSAB was a great experience! I enjoyed meeting like-minded students who bounced ideas off each other and pushed each other to be better students and leaders for ourselves and our communities. I also have to thank the dean for always supporting me, hearing our students, and providing us with so many opportunities."

-Alexandra Lugo, B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience

Meet the Current HSAB Members

  • Amaya Allen
  • Sanjana Ananthula
  • Ruthie Fogel
  • Elizabeth Gertchev
  • Catherine Holen
  • Arun Jagarlamudi
  • Sri Vaishnavi Konagalla
  • Sai Puneeth Kothuru
  • Fidel Perez Pujols
  • Mahalaxmi Some
  • Michelle Tiji
  • Nathan Tinu
  • John Voudouris
  • Courtney White

Learn More

For more information about the Honors Student Advisory Board, contact Dean Andrea Nevins, Ph.D., M.F.A., at
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