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Minor in Honors Transdisciplinary Studies

Minor in Honors Transdisciplinary Studies

The Minor in Honors Transdisciplinary Studies, hosted by the Farquhar Honors College, provides a purposeful and applied supplemental course of study culminating with a reflection essay describing a culminating/capstone honors experience. Students work with a faculty mentor to develop a program of advanced study across disciplines that broadens student perspective and deepens student understanding of issues reflected in the culminating/capstone experience.


Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Requirements

15-24 credits of HONR seminar and ‘H’ (honors level) courses. Students admitted to the Honors College are designated to pursue this minor. Prior to the start of the third year of study, students should submit an initial statement of intent (developed with assistance from an honors faculty member). Honors courses used for the minor may also satisfy General Education and Major requirements.

Honors culminating/capstone experiences vary (such as a research experience, practicum, internship, sustained community service, or travel study). The project may be fulfilled through successful completion of an Honors Thesis, Honors in Major, and other substantive honors work. Honors projects are personalized and reflect student scholarly and professional goals.

Students must be admitted to the NSU Farquhar Honors College to pursue the Minor in Honors Transdisciplinary Studies. Students must be in good standing in the Honors College to be awarded this minor.

The following steps are required to successfully complete the Minor in Honors Transdisciplinary Studies:

  • Submit a ‘Statement of Intent’ to the Dean of the Honors College
  • Complete 15-24 credits of honors coursework
  • Submit a 1-2 page summary description of a culminating experience reflecting honors coursework and experiences.
  • Must be in good standing with the Honors College
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