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New student plans out Honors courses with a professor in the NSU library.

Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor

Broaden Your Perspectives

With courses about everything from epidemics to video games, the Farquhar Honors College’s Transdisciplinary Studies Minor offers the opportunity to engage in unique topics from all disciplines. The minor enhances your major coursework with degree-applicable honors courses that explore and combine ideas in innovative ways. Collaborate with faculty members to plan an advanced course of study based on your interests.

You must be admitted to the NSU Farquhar Honors College to pursue this minor. You're automatically assigned the minor as an honors student.


To complete this minor, you must:

Earn 15-24 Honors Credits
Must be H and/or HONR courses
Maintain Good Standing
Including a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
Write Two Essays
Submitted to the Honors College dean. See details below.

Statement of Intent

  • 1–2 pages
  • Identifies honors courses you anticipate taking to fulfill the minor
  • Presents a unifying theme across these courses
  • Identifies honors faculty members who assisted in shaping this plan
  • Submission deadline: within your first year in the Honors College (if you'd like to submit this essay outside of your first year in Honors, contact the Honors College for permission)

Reflective Essay

  • 1-2 pages
  • Describes an experience of any kind where the outcomes from honors courses made a substantive and positive impact
  • Reviews, updates, and evaluates the initial outcomes proposed in the first essay
  • Identifies honors faculty who made significant professional, academic, or scholarly contributions
  • Submission deadline: at least one month before degree conferral

Learn More

Contact Robin St. George at if you have any questions.


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