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Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor

Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor

The Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor, hosted by the Farquhar Honors College, provides a purposeful and applied supplemental course of study culminating with a reflection essay describing a culminating/capstone honors experience. Students work with a faculty mentor to develop a program of advanced study across disciplines that broadens student perspective and deepens student understanding of issues reflected in the culminating/capstone experience.


Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor Requirements

Students admitted to the Honors College are designated to pursue this minor. The Honors Transdisciplinary Studies minor requires three qualitative elements in addition to earning 15-24 honors (H or HONR) credits:


  1. Statement of Intent (essay 1): Students must submit a one-two page essay that (a) identifies honors courses anticipated to fulfill the minor,  (b) presents a unifying/connected theme across these courses, and  (c) identifies honors faculty members who assisted to shape this plan. This essay is to be submitted to the Dean of the Honors College and ideally is submitted during students’ first year in the Honors College. (contact the Honors College if you would like to submit this essay outside of your initial year in Honors)


  1. Reflective Essay (essay 2): Students must submit a one-two page essay that (a) describes an experience (any setting, not limited to campus engagement, research experience, community service, and/or emerging professional activity) where the outcomes from honors courses made a substantive and positive impact (b) reviews, updates, and evaluates the initial outcomes proposed in the first essay, and (c) identifies significant professional, academic, or scholarly contributions by Honors faculty. This essay is to be submitted to the Dean of the Honors College no later than one month prior to degree conferral.


  1. Good Standing: Students must hold good standing in the Honors College, which includes maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Please contact Dr. Robin St. George ( if you have questions regarding the Honors Transdisciplinary Studies minor. Please note that the Statement of Intent and Reflective Essay components of the Honors Transdisciplinary Studies minor will not appear in your Degree Works and must be submitted directly to the Honors College.

Students must be admitted to the NSU Farquhar Honors College to pursue the Honors Transdisciplinary Studies Minor. Students must be in good standing in the Honors College to be awarded this minor.

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