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Honors College students socialize and connect with each other.

The Honors College Experience

Choose Your Own Adventure

Every experience in the Honors College is different because of the flexibility of the program and the variety of opportunities available to you. Discover all the paths awaiting you as an honors student.

“I had so many extra 'tools' in my toolbox as an honors student. The program offered a myriad of opportunities to excel, get involved in extracurriculars and the community, and in general, broaden my learning horizons."

-Biana Modilevsky, B.S. in Biology

Explore Your Curiosities

Work directly with honors faculty mentors to immerse yourself in your areas of interest. 

Make the World Your Classroom

Broaden your horizons, and learn beyond the books. 

Lead the Way

Take an active role in your community to make a difference.

Find Your Home Away from Home

Make lifelong friends within the honors community. 

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