Emily Schmitt Lavin, Ph.D.

Emily Schmitt Lavin

Interim Chair, Professor

Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography
Department of Biological Sciences

Honors Courses
HONR 1000N Honors Seminar: Genetics and Genealogy
HONR 1500W Honors Reading Seminar: Jessica Wapner
HONR 1500V Honors Reading Seminar: Rebecca Skloot
HONR 1500P Honors Reading Seminar: Brian Greene
HONR 4990 Independent Study: Honors Thesis Research

Honors Engagement

Research Focus


Joining NSU faculty in 2001, Emily Schmitt Lavin is recognized for her extensive student research mentorship and support–connecting students with national and international research communities as well as helping them build advanced research skills. Since 2009, Schmitt Lavin has been building a network of volunteers (NSU students, alumni, and community members) who venture into local schools to create unique science education experiences for school-age children and their families.