Maria Ballester, Ph.D.

Maria Ballester

Associate Professor

Halmos College Natural Sciences and Oceanography
Department of Chemistry and Physics

Honors Courses

CHEM 1300H General Chemistry I/Lab Honors
CHEM 1310H General Chemistry II/Lab Honors
HONR 1500T Honors Reading Seminar: Craig Venter
HONR 4990 Independent Study: Honors Thesis Research

Honors Engagement

Research Focus


Maria Ballester joined the NSU faculty in the chemistry program in 2005 as a visiting professor. During her years at NSU, she has not only excelled in her teaching, research, and service, but is also a founding member of the Chemistry Major, for which she has shown a strong commitment to teaching and the undergraduate research experience. Her commitment extends to NSU’s Undergraduate Honors Program, for which she has participated in various events including the Honors Induction Ceremony and the Honors Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.