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Charles L. Zelden, Ph.D.

Charles Zelden

NSU's Halmos College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Humanities and Politics

Honors Courses

  • HONR 2000H Famous American Trials
  • HONR 2000E Utopias and Dystopias
  • HONR 2010J Witch-Hunts!
  • HONR 1000J Culture Wars
  • HONR 1000D Future History
  • HONR 1500 Honors Reading Seminar

Honors Engagement

  • Honors Workshop: Course Overview
  • Regularly participates in Honors College co-curricular events

Research Focus

  • American Legal/Constitutional History
  • America in the 20th Century
  • 20th Century American South
  • The Judicial Process
  • Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and Election Law


  • Ph.D., Rice University
  • M.A., Washington University
  • B.A., Washington University

Charles L. Zelden is a former Distinguished Professor of the Year and the author of seven books and many articles. He teaches courses in history, legal studies, and political science. At the Honors College, Zelden teaches seminars such as Utopias and Dystopias, Witch Hunts, Future History, and Culture Wars. Zelden also is a regular participant in the Honors College’s extracurricular events, especially as it relates to student research.

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